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The A50 is a simple to use and maintain ambient CO2 monitor which can be used to protect laboratory staff by detecting potentially fatal carbon dioxide leaks.

Stone Brewing Company love our A50 carbon dioxide detector - calling it "easy to use".

Contact us today to see why so many companies use our carbon dioxide monitors to keep their staff safe.

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The A50 consists of a wall mounted main sensor unit and a repeater. It is typically ranged from 0 to 5% and has 2 audio/visual alarms.  The sensor has a 15-year warranty and the unit is almost zero maintenance and is ready to be installed out of the box.


Optional relays are ideal for integration into a larger system


Just a small leak of pressurised CO2 into a confined space could pose a lethal threat to personnel. This low-cost leak detection monitor could prove life-saving.


The A50 main sensor unit is wall mounted at 450mm in the area where a threat is risk-assessed. A repeater (or mimic) is cited at the entrance to warn of any danger before entering.


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  • knowledge that you are selling high-quality, reliable products which look after the air you breathe

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