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About us

Analox Sensor Technology is one of those rare companies which has built up a successful innovative business from carefully focused research, and it is in the application of this research that Analox excels.

Analox prides itself in its ability to work closely with its customers to design and manufacture products to fit their requirements as closely as possible. Analox is now recognised as a world leader in the design and manufacture of gas sensors and analysers and an acknowledged authority on the monitoring of gases in all branches of the diving industry, from sport to military applications.

Analox has continuously grown since 1981, securing a strong worldwide network of distributors. The Analox name has become synonymous with safety, security, confidence and reliability and its products recognised for looking after the air you breathe. Analox has created a number of company values that all staff believe in and adhere to. These values are: 

  • We are proud of what we do
  • We operate ethically
  • We are trustworthy
  • We give excellent customer service
  • We solve customers problems