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The ACG+ can be used continually to monitor contamination in gas cylinders - a faster, more cost-effective alternative to Colorimetric tube testing.

JFD Australia use our ACG+ multi-gas monitor and say that it is "simple to use, operator friendly" and "far more accurate than tube samples" as well as "its data-logging capability is a major draw as well as being able to do away with detector tubes".

Atlas Copco Rental were impressed with the amount of data and readings you can collect with one piece of kit.

Product code: ACGPAAAAAXX (0-50% O2, 0-1000ppm CO2, 0-20ppm CO, 0-20ppm VOC and -100°C -20°C dew point.)

Contact us today to see how the ACG+ monitors contamination in gas cylinders and how it can revolutionise your scuba diving experience.

Please note: The ACG+ does not come with a battery (P0149-605N) or external power supply (ACGPEXTPSU). These need to be purchased separately.

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The ACG+ is a fixed or portable compressor monitor which continually/periodically monitors for contaminination in gas cylinders (CO2, CO, VOC and dew point), as well as O2. It has a port to run an oil mist test and datalogs for 90 days. It is user maintainable and simple to calibrate.


There are a wide range of variants of the ACG+ available depending on your requirements - contact us for more information.


Colorimetric tube testing and lab testing of contaminants in diving gas cylinders is time-consuming, costly and only a spot check.  The ACG+ assists with compliance to standards such as EN12021.


The ACG+ is most commonly used in scuba diving to test gas cylinders for contaminants.

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