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  • Analox in Brief: The AX60+
    Find out more about the AX60+:





The Analox Ax60+ multi-gas monitor... because plus is more.

The Ax60+ is a wall-mountable multi gas monitor for detecting carbon dioxide with an option for monitoring oxygen.

Based on the popular Ax60 CO2 detector, the new Ax60+ multi gas monitor offers the additional functionality of being able to add modular sensors, creating a fully flexible solution.

CO2 sensor alarm set points are pre-configured ready to meet:

USA regulations (OSHA, NBIC, NFPA and IFC) :

  • TWA - 5000ppm (0.5%)
  • AL1 - 5000ppm (0.5%)
  • AL2 - 15000ppm (1.5%)
  • AL3 - 30000ppm (3%)

European/International regulations (EH40):

  • TWA -5000ppm (0.5%)
  • AL1 - 15000ppm (1.5%)
  • CO2 - 30000ppm (3%)

Offering a quick, ‘out of the box’ installation. Set points can also be user configured to ensure compliance in any part of the world.

The O2 sensor provides an early warning of both oxygen depletion and oxygen enrichment.

The O2 sensor is set by default to trigger low-going alarms at both 19.5% and at 18% and a high-going alarm at 23%. The alarm setpoints can be changed by the user. Warnings are announced by high-visibility strobe lights and high-volume sounders.

The CO2 and O2 sensors are interchangeable and can be fully integrated as part of a multi-point, multi-gas detection and alarm system.

The Analox Ax60+ CO2 detector is available to order now . If you'd like more information on our O2 sensor variant and to find out more about our newest monitor, please contact us.

The Data Output Module is the newest addition to the Ax60+ and is available to purchase now, find out more about its features here. BUY NOW



The Ax60+ is a wall-mountable multi gas monitor for detecting carbon dioxide with an option for monitoring oxygen available now. The CO2 sensor is set by default to trigger a low-level alarm at 1.5% CO2, an evacuation alarm at 3% CO2 and a time-weighted average alarm of 0.5% CO2measured over eight hours. Alarm set-points can be fully customised by the user to adhere to specific local regulations.



Standards such as EH40 in Europe and OSHA in the USA, mandate that employees, patients and other members of the public are not exposed to potentially dangerous levels of CO2 as it is a highly toxic gas in relatively small quantities. The Ax60+ is an easy to operate CO2 monitor and is ideal for ensuring safety in areas where the gas is piped or stored.

The  Ax60+ is ideal for areas where CO2 a is being used or stored, such as for cancer treatment care. CO2 can also be used in the process of wound preservation while operating.

CO2 a is also used for freezing and storing samples, and in the development of cell culture in research laboratories.

Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide, biological samples and vaccines are often the most items stored with dry ice. These products need to stay cold for a long period of time making dry ice the best option.



The Ax60+ cental unit should be located in a safe location, such as a manager’s office, this will allow the user to see what the sensors are reading and be alerted to any issues straight away, from one central point.

The Ax60+ CO2 a sensor should be placed in the area where CO2 a is being stored or piped and positioned at round 305-457 mm (15-18 inches) from the floor, as CO2 is heavier than air. The Ax60+ alarm should be mounted above the sensor at approximately head height , where it will be easily seen.


Meets standards:


US Gas Safety Guidelines Help Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions about the Ax60+ 

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