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Distributor Highlight – Nautilus

Brett Thorpe, the Owner and Director of Nautilus, has worked with Analox for over 15 years. In 2006 he opened his own Dive Shop and retailed Analox Products before selling the retail business and moving into distribution in 2016 when Nautilus was awarded the scuba distribution on Analox products for the UK & Ireland market. They are now Analox’s sole … Continue reading

How to survive at the bottom of the sea!

Commercial diving is a wonderful and fascinating world. How do divers get to the bottom of the sea, what do they do when they are there, how do they survive in the freezing cold water, how do they breathe, how does the ship stay in one place? Many questions that truly boggle my mind. Commercial diving used to be one … Continue reading

4 Countries… 1 Day

Analox Group Ltd were on tour again, Kayleigh Martin Regional Account Manager and Becca Dodds Business Development Manager visited new and existing customers in two beautiful parts of the world – Denmark and Sweden. Here at Analox, we are committed to ensuring people are aware of the dangers of CO2 (carbon dioxide). The duo visited customers throughout Scandinavia to carry … Continue reading

Meet us at BeerX 2020

We’re all looking forward to our very first exhibition of the year, BeerX 2020, the UK’s largest independent craft brewing trade show at the ACC Exhibition Centre in Liverpool on the 11th & 12th March. The annual event moved to Liverpool in 2019 to focus on delivering an excellent trade show for independent craft breweries and suppliers of products and … Continue reading

For the love of cheese!

 Cheese… there aren’t too many people who don’t like cheese, unless you are my 5 year old son who swears he doesn’t like it… 😕 But as much as we love the stuff, we’ve all been guilty of throwing away perfectly good cheese just because it no longer looks appetizing. Gases are used in our food packaging to extend the … Continue reading

Message from the Group Managing Director

As has been widely reported Coronavirus is an international concern and is currently classified by the World Health Organization as a ‘Global Health Emergency’ Our immediate thoughts and sympathies are of course with the many people who have died or have been directly impacted by this deadly disease. We hope that the situation starts to improve soon and life can … Continue reading

National Drink Wine Day!

A day for celebration! 🥂 Apparently the 18th of February is National Drink Wine Day. I can’t see that anyone is going to argue with celebrating that day, or on any other day for that matter! At Analox we’re very interested in this (not just for the obvious reasons) as we recommend the use of gas safety monitors in Wineries. … Continue reading

Keep Calm, I’m a First Aider!

2020 has already been successful for a team of Analox staff who are now qualified First Aiders. A group of staff attended a 3 day First Aid Training Course at Tees Safety Training Ltd. The course was a combination of Level 3 First Aid at Work and Level 3 Pediatric First Aid with 3 extended days of classroom learning. The … Continue reading

Why is CO2 not seen as dangerous?

Did you know that carbon dioxide or CO2 becomes a poisonous gas when there is too much of it in the air you breathe? High CO2 levels can cause headaches, dizziness, confusion, loss of consciousness and even death. CO2 is an odourless, colourless and tasteless gas and is undetectable by the human senses but for some reason, a high percentage … Continue reading

Paris International Dive Show 2020

Analox flew to Paris this month to visit some of our key partners at Salon de la Plongee Dive Show. The Paris International Dive Show is the only event in France dedicated to the underwater world and has been for the last 21 years. The event is acknowledged and praised worldwide for its organization and has become a reference in … Continue reading

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