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Under the Pole
Getting ready to dive below the Artic sea

The Under the Pole project – winter begins!

The Under the Pole team have finally arrived at Unummannaq Bay where the team will leave the boat over winter as it becomes surrounded by ice. Now placed deep within the bay at a small town called Ikerasak, ideally located for the team as this is a zone where the ice is particularly firm for more than five months over the winter period and only 4 kilometres out of the village, providing adequate landing space for a helicopter, making team rotations possible.

The team sought advice from ikersak’s inhabitants about the best possible location for the winter months, a member of the under the pole team commented “without asking local advice it’s like playing poker with nature”. The team have offered their medical services and the team’s doctors for the worse cases during the long polar nights, due to the winter month making the hospital sometimes unreachable.

Once the location was set, the team then embarked on a huge winter logistics mission moving four tons of food, eleven diesel 200L containers, ice skies, sledges and all the rest of the winter equipment that will aid the mission in Greenland.

The team are now ready to embark on some scuba dives under icebergs confined by the ice sheet and explore what lies beneath.

More information about Under the Pole

Analox are proud to sponsor the Under the Pole project with the provision of the market leading ATA Pro trimix analyser

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