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A50 monitor
Carbon Dioxide is an essential commodity in the fast food industry, but it needs to be monitored.

The A50 and how it can help the fast food industry

Carbon dioxide is a colourless, odourless, faintly acidic-tasting, non-flammable gas. It can be deadly even when normal oxygen levels are present. Reaching hazardous levels of carbon dioxide can occur quickly and without warning and result in serious health effects or death. Because CO2 is 1.5 times heavier than air, leaking CO2 can accumulate at floor level in improperly ventilated or unventilated rooms, not necessarily limited to the container’s location and in low areas, such as basements.

How can Analox help to prevent this from occurring? With the A50

Why is the A50 needed?

  • Legislation varies globally but as an example in Europe, a standard called EH40 states that the level for CO2 IS 5000PPM (0.5%) over eight hours. The short-term exposure level is 15000PPM (1.5%)
  • Employers must have a duty of care to their employees and take reasonable steps to keep them safe.
  • A workplace risk assessment may suggest that gas detection is installed.
  • Low-levels of CO2 toxicity may include drowsiness – with higher levels leading to headaches, dizziness and shortness of breath. Prolonged exposure at a high level can lead to unconsciousness and even death.

Where is it placed?

  • As  CO2 is heavier than air, it is recommended that the A50 is wall-mounted approxinately 450mm off the ground.
  • The repeater is placed at normal head height at the entrance to the room.

There is a growing need for CO2 detectors in fast food restaurants. If you don’t believe us… watch for yourself.

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