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The Ax60 carbon dioxide monitor
The Analox Ax60, coming to a McDonald's near you.

The McDonalds Corporation puts carbon dioxide detector on the menu

Analox‘s flair for serving up gas monitoring solutions has resulted in some remarkable news for the company. Its new carbon dioxide detector, the Ax60, has recently been approved by the McDonalds Corporation’s ‘Restaurant Solutions Group’ for release as a CO2 detection system. This approval follows extensive product validation in both the UK and US since 2013.

The news was announced in December 2014 by E-RSG and OSC, consultants to the McDonalds Corporation, together with a release package aimed at the Corporation’s ‘Worldwide Equipment Leadership Board’.

The Ax60 carbon dioxide monitor

The Ax60 will be installed in many McDonalds restaurants worldwide to continuously monitor CO2 levels in areas vulnerable to potential exposure. The system incorporates visual strobes and audible alarms that are set to immediately trigger if the Ax60 detects a level of CO2 beyond pre-defined limits, thereby alerting both management and crew to any leak of CO2 gas.

CO2 has several uses in the hospitality industry. For example, automatic fire suppression systems frequently employ CO2 as an extinguishant medium, and beverage delivery equipment uses pressurised CO2 as a dispense gas. These installations can sometimes create difficult gas monitoring situations but the Ax60’s flexibility and modular design offer solutions.

The Ax60’s central display unit is typically installed in a central location (e.g. Manager’s office) and connected to CO2 sensors fitted in remote areas. The sensors report back to the display unit from which they are controlled and monitored. Alarms are relayed to strobe/ sounder units fitted in locations where they can be easily observed by management or crew.

The Ax60’s adaptable design means it’s suitable to be installed across McDonalds restaurants worldwide.

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