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A still from 'Ocean Gravity'
A still from 'Ocean Gravity'

Ocean Gravity… Seeing is believing in this captivating film

We’re fascinated by extreme environments and the atmosphere that surrounds them, so when we came across this video, which seems to blur the lines between two of the most captivating and unknown terrains, we couldn’t stop watching.

Similarities between the earth’s ocean floor and outer space have often been highlighted and documented by scientists, but in this short film, the French Polynesia’s, Tiputa Pass, well-known for its powerful rip current, world-class free diver Guillaume Néry gets pulled around the underwater, rocky landscape as if he were a satellite orbiting an uninhabited planet.

‘Ocean Gravity’ is extremely well edited leading you to believe the sea bed is curved, creating the illusion of a planet’s surface. Julie Gautier, the wife of Guillaume Nery, and editor of the film, has managed to re-create the unnerving feeling of the unknown and almost simulate a cold, lifeless planet which is actually the seabed.

Not only is the film captivating for its imagery and providing warped perceptions, but also for the awe-inspiring skill of free diving. The ability to hold breath, without the aid of scuba diving equipment or oxygen tanks and analysers, for lengthy periods of time in open water surroundings, truly is an enviable skill.

You can watch ‘Ocean Gravity’ here …enjoy!

Pic- A still from Ocean Gravity, used from wetpixel.com

Author: Melanie Smith, Marketing Executive

Posted in Breathing air, Scuba Diving

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