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Pub15 exhibition
An exhibition dedicated to beer? We'll drink to that!

Analox at the PUB15 show – Brewing up new business

With an appetite for ideas and a taste for trade Analox’s thirsty sales team hit the tiles at Olympia West for PUB15, an exciting new two-day show aimed at the beverage and hospitality industry. PUB15’s inaugural event on the 18 and 19 of February featured seminars and exhibitions from breweries, pub chains, entertainment companies and service providers. This is the first annual show of its kind dedicated to the UK pub industry.

Analox‘s presence was only partly driven by the prospect of free drinks and tasty treats. Our attendees spent most of their time seeking distributors, looking for opportunities and deciding whether or not to return in 2016 as exhibitors. The consensus opinion was that future attendance would be useful – not least to raise awareness of the hazards of concentrated carbon dioxide (CO2). In an industry with so many exposures to dangerous CO2 it is essential that the message gets through.

Carbon dioxide is a by product of fermentation and is therefore a permanent feature in breweries, wineries and distilleries. Larger establishments are generally aware of CO2‘s lethal properties but the rapid rise of micro-breweries suggests a need for ongoing education. CO2 is an odourless, colourless gas that is heavier than air, and therefore may gather unnoticed in cellars and vats. Fumes from CO2 have been known to quickly overcome brewery workers and result in accidents and even deaths.

Fumes from fermentation are not the only CO2 hazard in the beverage & hospitality industry. Concentrated CO2 is also used for purging brewery process tanks and for carbonating beers and lagers. At the retail end of the chain pressurised CO2 is used as a propellant in pub beverage delivery systems and as a dispense gas for carbonated soft drinks. Increased levels of CO2 can therefore occur in many places, from pub cellars and restaurants through to large-scale production facilities.

The existence of CO2 is often unavoidable and must be managed as a controlled risk. The ideal solution for an enclosed space is a CO2 detection and alarm system, such as the Analox A50. This single-point monitoring device is designed for pub cellars, micro-breweries and CO2 storage rooms. For larger areas covering separate rooms the Ax60 provides a suitable multi-point detection and alarm system. For storage tanks or confined spaces the Aspida portable CO2 monitor offers personal protection.

So raise a pint to health and safety in the beverage and hospitality industry, you can never be too careful!

More information about PUB15: http://thepubshow.co.uk/

Author: Paul Smith, Technical Writer

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Posted in Exhibitions, Hospitality

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