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Setting up an exhibition stand
Having a dry-run of setting up our exhibition stand... Nothing could be easier!

Preparing for ArabLab – there are no stupid questions!

Getting organised to attend an exhibition or conference is no easy task, throw in rules, regulations and lengthy lead times from attending a show such as ArabLab in the United Arab Emirates and you’ve got yourself a real challenge.

This year we’ve decided some of our time to investigate the demand for our products in the laboratory market within the Middle East. We’re therefore booked to attend ArabLab, billed as the largest exhibition dedicated to the laboratory industry, which is held in Dubai each year. This is a great place to start for any business looking at this area and market.

With the exhibition fast approaching (23-26 March 2015), we’re in the final stages of checking everything has been done, this often involves an ongoing nightmare of mental checklist, and panicky sweaty palm moments by several people who’ve been involved in the organising from the outset.

The main difference between organising exhibiting at this show and any other is that our stand, graphics, promotional items, products and tools all had to be shipped more than 8 weeks in advance, so you’ve got no chance to have an ‘oh I forgot about that’ moment here! The exhibition stand has been through a vigorous trial- run set up, then waved bye-bye to be reunited again the day before the show (here’s hoping we’ve remembered how to put it together!).

Not only do you have to think about shipment of items, landing costs and timings of delivery of show equipment to the venue, but it’s often the small things which get forgotten about like plug adaptors, complimentary confectionary for delegates, spare allen keys, let alone the things you can’t even see, like hidden charges and fees and wifi connection.

Admittedly, all exhibitions are different and not all require the military precision organisational process that ArabLab has proved to be, but it has definitely been an experience that we’ve learned from and will help us execute planning in the future. One essential component in planning any event is a good list. You can never have too much information about where the show is, whether it’s about the physical location of the venue, or the country you’re visiting, and as always, no question is a stupid question!

These final days will involve equipping the staff who’re attending with the correct attire, currency and key business objectives to competently complete the show with success, plus trying to calm down the Sales and Marketing administrator who’s (as always) convinced something has been forgotten…

Wish us luck!

Find out how we got on at ArabLab

Author: Melanie Smith, Marketing Executive

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Posted in Exhibitions, Laboratory

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