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West Yorkshire fire department view ACG+
West Yorkshire Fire Service check out our ACG+

Safety is a proven priority at West Yorkshire Fire service with the ACG+

We all know that fire fighters are trained to help protect us against fire hazards, but do you ever wonder who’s looking after them?

Fire fighters put themselves in danger without a second thought, the least that can be done for them is supplying crews with stringently safe and reliable equipment. Incidents of contaminated breathing air being used are reported regularly across the world.

These situations can be avoided if stations are able to instantly check the quality of the compressed air on- site. Currently, the most commonly used method involves difficult techniques, where samples are sent away for analysis, usually facilitated by a specialist laboratory or a niche gas detection company. As a result West Yorkshire Fire station purchased one of our portable units, the ACG+.

As part of our distributor package we offer training on how to use, install and maintain our units effectively. We recently visited West Yorkshire Fire station to talk them through the ACG+ and highlight the benefits of the monitor, which they could already clearly see.

We had a really interesting day as we got to see where bottled compressed air is produced, from their compressor, and then stored. Seeing the products we make in action and in a real life situation helps to add perspective to what we manufacture. Speaking to the firefighters highlighted the importance of what we do.

The ACG+ allows for real-time readings of compressed air. Like most fire stations, West Yorkshire Fire brigade refill their own air cylinders using a compressor. This takes in air from the local environment and pressurises it for use as a breathing gas, however it’s not guaranteed that this air is clean and free from contaminants such as pollution from car exhausts. There is also a risk of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), CO and water leaking through from the compressor itself. It is vitally important that compressors are maintained and serviced regularly.

Compressor used by West Yorkshire Fire service

Compressor used by West Yorkshire Fire service

The unit can be fixed for continual real-time monitoring, or portable for point to point spot-checking of O2, CO2, VOC, CO and water vapour. The ACG+ has a port to run an oil mist test and it can data log for 90 days, allowing for instant reporting or keeping an auditable paper trail. The unit also helps to comply with the EN12021 regulations.

West Yorkshire fire fighters loved the fact they were able to maintain the unit themselves, could take readings instantly, save costs and significantly reduce downtime. They see our innovative technology as the future for air quality checks and an integral part of their health and safety procedures.

Fire fighting equipment at West Yorkshire Fire Service

Fire fighting equipment at West Yorkshire Fire Service

Authors: Melanie Smith, Marketing Executive & Becca Dodds, Business Development Executive

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