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Analox staff with a fire engine
We got to try on a firefighter uniform, which was really heavy!

Quality compressed breathing air really is a matter of life and death

When some of the Analox team visited West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service it became even more apparent how important it is to undertake accurate and consistent checks on breathing apparatus.

Becca from Analox feeling the heat and weight of fire fighter equipment

Becca from Analox feeling the heat and weight of fire fighter equipment

We were shown training facilities where firefighters are put in real-life situations in order to equip them with the experience to deal with whatever they’re faced with when the alarm sounds.

The distinctive smell of burnt material was quite overwhelming within the training area and if you couple that with extremely poor visibility, due to the smoke, clean breathing air is crucial in keeping the firefighter in optimum condition.

We were lucky enough to try on the firefighter’s uniform, which included tanks of compressed breathing air and rebreather masks. The whole outfit was rather cumbersome to say the least, which soon increased heart rate and significantly restricted movement.

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service attend approximately 1,000 call-outs per week and compressed breathing air is taken for every visit. They’re using our ACG+ unit to monitor the quality of their compressed air. The ACG+ monitors for O2, CO2, CO, VOC and dew point.

The ACG+ lets the fire service test their air at any point, providing real-time analysis of its purity and furthermore peace of mind at all times. It has a port to run an oil mist test and data logs for 90 days, to enable an auditable paper trail. The ACG+ can be used continually or periodically to verify if the air is safe to deliver to the user and assists compliance with breathing air standards such as EN12021.

The easy to maintain unit can be calibrated by the user and in comparison to the test tube system they were previously using, is a much more cost-effective approach.

ACG+ connected to compressed air to monitor for contaminants

ACG+ connected to compressed air to monitor for contaminants

Station Manager for West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, Chris Booth, said “Originally the system that we used was a manual air sampling tube system. We decided to change it because we felt it was a slow system, it was a bit fiddly to do, and it didn’t give the most accurate of readings, so we were looking for something new on the market.

“We do occasionally have instances where we need to do an investigation due to potential bad air, and this system gives us the chance to test it rather than send it away to an outside testing facility. We can get immediate results from our investigation team.

“The ACG+ is modern technology, it sits at the forefront of technology, it’s very simple to use and it gives very accurate readings. It will make a very big difference to us, because it’s something we can do in-house very quickly and it gives us immediate results. It will enhance our air sampling capability.”

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Author: Melanie Smith, Marketing Executive

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