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Expo Milano logo
Having fun at the Expo Milano

What’s the buzz about the Expo Milano?

Becca and Chris from Analox went along to Milan earlier this month and while they were there, they were invited to visit the ‘Expo Milano’.

The Expo Milano is an international event which is being held in Italy this year. The theme of the event is ‘Feeding the planet, energy for life’, which aims to highlight how to feed and sustain an expected rise in the world’s population to nine billion by 2050.

Given that we have a keen interest in gas monitoring in the food and agricultural industries, it would have been silly not to go along and check it out!

One-hundred and forty-five countries are taking place in the exhibition – each of which has its own specially-themed building, or pavilion. The Expo covers over a million square feet and takes a couple of hours to walk from end-to-end!

At this point, you may be wondering what the ‘buzz’ of the headline of this blog post is all about…  The theme of the UK’s building is bees and how important they are to our ecosystem. The UK’s area contains a 14-metre high metal structure which resembles a beehive and has lots of insect-friendly wildflowers. Did you know that out of the 100 crop species that provide 90% of food worldwide, 70 of these are pollinated by bees?

In conclusion, it was a tiring day, but an interesting one. It will be interesting to see how the Expo gives people food for thought (no pun intended) about sustaining the population of the planet in the future.

Expo Milano is on until 31 October 2015. For more information and to book tickets visit the Expo website.

More photos of our Expo Milano trip are available on Flickr

Author: Kate Ingham, Digital Marketing Executive

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