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R and D Christmas trees
Oh Christmas tree(s)

All I Want For Christmas is low CO2 – how Analox do Christmas lights

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and the team at Analox have taken a different step into Christmas with this year’s Christmas lights.

There are several Christmas trees dotted around the Analox office, and at first glance they look like normal trees with normal decorations. However if you look at them closely, you will see that all the lights flash in sync.

Now you might think this is just a coincidence, or you’ve been around too much mistletoe and wine, but actually the Christmas lights are linked up to our carbon dioxide (CO2) detector the Ax60.

Christmas lights controller 2

Ax60 sensors, which are being used to control the lights on the trees

The Ax60’s central display unit is typically installed in a central location and connected to CO2 sensors fitted in remote areas. The sensors report back to the display unit from which they are controlled and monitored, and alarms are relayed to strobe/ sounder units if a level of CO2 has been detected beyond pre-defined limits.

However in the office, a central unit with four sensors has been connected to the Christmas lights, and the relay boards of the sensors have been removed so that they control the function of the lights rather than produce strobes.

The reason they light up at the same time is to prevent epilepsy, as the strobe lights of an Ax60 have been designed to synchronise with each other so as not to cause someone to have an epileptic fit.

Tree controller 1

As well as novelty Christmas decorations, the main purpose of the Ax60 is to cater for the fast food industry.

It is currently installed in McDonald’s restaurants across the world, and a smaller version of the monitor and alarm called the Ax60k is available for kiosks and smaller restaurants in food courts.

Now the question is, what product will be controlling the Christmas lights next year?

Find out more about the Ax60 and how it can help your business on our website.

Author: Araminta Hartley, Content Writer.


Posted in Hospitality, Life at Analox

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