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Queens 90th birthday logo
Happy birthday your Majesty!

What to buy The Queen for her birthday? Analox has the solution!

Present buying can be a laborious task, especially when the person you are buying for appears to have everything they want.

I am sure this struggle also applies to buying things for The Queen, and with her 90th birthday coming up I expect the Royal family have been scratching their heads about what to get her.

The Queen holds assets worth £17bn in trust for the nation, so what on earth do you get for a person who seems to own everything?

Now, you may be wondering why Analox are giving advice about presents. After all, we provide gas sensors, not a flower delivery service.

But there may be a few of our products which the Queen could find useful as she hits the milestone of 90 years old.

Garden parties and gas sensors

The Queen meets guests at today’s Garden Party at #BuckinghamPalace. Approximately 8000 guests attend each Garden Party.

A photo posted by The British Monarchy (@the_british_monarchy) on

Analox gas sensors can help you grow flowers, fruit and vegetables fit for a Queen.

Buckingham Palace is the Queen’s official London residence and the garden stretches out over 40 acres and features a lake, a helicopter landing area and a tennis court.

It is home to 30 different species of bird, 350 different wild flowers and in 2009 an allotment was planted for the first time since the Second World War.

The Royal grounds are regularly used to host summer parties and have also been the location for music concerts and a charity tennis competition.

To support the cultivation of crops, gases may be used in the garden such as carbon dioxide (CO2) enrichment, Controlled Atmosphere Storage (CAS) and fumigation.

Depending on what gases are used, this may lead to a risk of exposure to an increased level of CO2, or possibly oxygen (O2) depletion.

Analox provide a range of products to monitor these gases such as the O2NE+, an O2 deficiency monitor and the Aspida, a personal monitor for O2 or CO2.

With these products, the Queen can safely walk the gardens knowing that the area is monitored and both visitors and gardeners are protected from the dangers of gas exposure.

You’re never too old to dive!

#TheQueenTweets for the first time to open the Information Age gallery @ScienceMuseum in London. #SMInfoAge

A photo posted by The British Monarchy (@the_british_monarchy) on

The Queen has always been a fan of modern technology. 

To celebrate hitting 90, The Queen could expand her horizons and consider taking up the hobby of diving. She already has many keen interests including owning and breeding horses, walking in the countryside and Scottish dancing, but this year could be the perfect opportunity to try something new.

You’re never too old to start diving and John Gilkison proved that by taking an interest in the hobby at the age of 65.

All divers need to know the gas mix in their tanks to plan for a safe dive and Analox offer tried and tested analysers for divers, local scuba schools, filling stations and shops.

Some of these are even NATO coded and ensure nitrox, trimix and air divers are safe throughout the world.

We’d recommend the Queen diving with a tank of nitrox, which is usually a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen, with an oxygen concentration higher than the 21% found in normal air.

An O2EII Pro nitrox analyser would be the ideal accompaniment on this type of dive, as it can be used to check the concentration of oxygen within a dive gas mix directly at the tank.

Analox Military Systems (AMS) which are a branch of the Analox Group also offer a range of gas analysers for military diving, which are the perfect choice for air and saturation divers in a number of fields including police diving, army diving and navy diving.

AMS, which specialises in producing gas monitoring systems for hostile environments, have the honour of appearing in the official commemorative publication for The Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebration taking place at Windsor Castle.

They are also featured in the Queen’s 90th birthday commemorative album which will be presented as a gift.

Keeping the British pubs safe

Now although the Queen’s actual birthday is on 21 April, the celebrations will take place from 12 to 15 May with a 90-minute show to celebrate her life.

She will also be officially celebrating her birthday she officially celebrates it every year in June, so to mark this occasion, pubs in the UK will be open longer on 10 and 11 June.

The change means pubs which normally shut at 11pm will be able to stay open until 1am on these two dates.

The Queen herself does not venture into pubs often but throughout her reign she has shown her commitment to public service. At the age of just 21, she declared that she would devote her whole life to the service of her people, and we intend on helping her keep that commitment by suggesting a present of gas detection solutions for pubs across the UK.

This may not be a present given directly to The Queen, but I am sure the ability to help keep the people safe will be satisfaction enough.

The use of CO2 gas to dispense beer and soft drinks is widespread in the beverage and hospitality industries and nitrogen (N) is becoming more commonly used for beer, wine and juice production to prevent oxidation.

The Ax60 is designed specifically for buildings such as fast food restaurants and pub cellars and is a wall mountable CO2 detector.

There is even a smaller version called the Ax60k which is more suitable for areas such as kiosks or micro breweries.

As nitrogen is an inert gas, an increase of it will cause oxygen depletion. Our solution is the previously mentioned O2NE+ and Apida, which just proves how adaptable they are for different environments.

These are only some of the ways that our products could be used by the Queen, but I’m sure you all have plenty of other gift ideas.

Happy birthday Your Majesty!

If you had to buy a present for the Queen, what would it be?

Author: Araminta Hartley, Content Writer

Founded in 1981, Analox Sensor Technology provides niche and custom gas detection solutions to industries including beverage and fast food, commercial diving and laboratories. Analox has over 325 years of collective, specialist electronics and software engineering expertise, as well as a worldwide distributor network. Contact us to see how we can provide expert gas monitoring solutions and help you achieve your goals.

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