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FHA Culinary Challenge at FoodnHotel Asia
All smiles at FoodnHotel Asia 2016

Hospitality offering hots up at FoodnHotel Asia 2016

Members of the Analox team have just returned from one of the self proclaimed world’s largest hospitality shows, FoodnHotel Asia in Singapore.

There was an eye opening array of products and services on offer from massage chairs for reception areas to green tea latte’s and collagen drinks promising to restore youthfulness.

With Analox’s expertise and product range spanning the breadth of the beverage and hospitality industry, the show was the perfect platform to investigate and clarify how customers store their gas, whose responsibility is it to regulate the installation and servicing, and what are the technological advances involving different and specialist gasses across commercial kitchens, refrigeration, beverage dispensing and various manufacturing processes.

Mascot at FoodnHotel Asia

We made some new friends at FoodnHotel Asia 2016!

Nitrogen and keeping food fresh

Several companies we spoke to within the food packaging industry were using nitrogen for food preservation, where they alter the environment within packaging to prolong food shelf life, also known as (MAP) however, they hadn’t considered the potential harmful effects caused to their staff if there was a leak. A simple oxygen depletion monitor (because remember we don’t measure how much nitrogen there is, instead we monitor the decrease in oxygen that an inert gas, such as nitrogen, can cause is analysed) could ultimately save lives if a leak did occur.

In its 20th edition, over four days, FoodnHotel Asia at the Singapore Expo centre saw more than 72,000 attendees, from over 100 countries and regions, which is a 13.3% increase from the last show in 2014. There were 47,630 trade buyers through the doors of the show from across Asia and beyond.

The total sales value of food and beverage services in Singapore for February 2016 was estimated at $677 million. In comparison to last year, sales of eating places and fast food outlets increased by 4.8% and 2.8% retrospectively*.

Walking the floor of the exhibition was an experience in itself, it would definitely have taken more than four days to cover the entire show, if specific objectives and goals weren’t set from the outset!

FoodnHotel Asia was also host to the biennial FHA Culinary Challenge, which is billed as one of the most prestigious culinary competitions in Asia. It attracted over 800 talented chefs from around the region to compete for top honours.

A total of 15 classes were demonstrated including chefs going one-on-one to showcase their culinary talents and innovative creations, and group segments where teams had the chance to demonstrate their culinary skills and effective teamwork.

Commercial kitchens and carbon dioxide

Commercial kitchens in restaurants and hotels are another area which sometimes get overlooked as a need to install a gas monitor. Standards including IGEM/UP/19 and BS 6173 state that the level of CO2 in a commercial kitchen is a reliable measure of the ventilation system’s effectiveness. A high CO2 level indicates that the kitchen ventilation is ineffective, resulting in an unhealthy atmosphere. BS 6173 requires kitchen appliances to be integrated with the ventilation system to shut them down if the CO2 exceeds a certain level.

We offer several CO2 monitoring units to ensure that your kitchen stays a safe environment and adheres to the specific legislation outlined above.

On our route we spoke to Franchise Singapore, the association which encourages and supports franchise investors, they expressed that one of the emerging trends within fast food for Singapore was interestingly Korean food and within franchising in general the trend is, of course, coffee shops…not so interesting!

Our Ax60 monitors have already been approved by the McDonald’s Corporation’s ‘Restaurant Solutions Group’, ensuring that a potentially life threatening leak of CO2 which is used to carbonate drinks does not occur. A gas detection monitor such as our Ax60, which has been specifically designed for fast-food restaurants, allows for placement of multi point sensors to cover all areas where the gas is piped, ensuring all areas outlined as risk are monitored.

It was a busy few days but it certainly provided us with some intelligence on the Singapore beverage and hospitality market and processes used, plus it introduced us to some interesting delicacies, to say the least! Wasabi flavoured seaweed anyone?

FoodnHotel Asia 2016 website

*Statistics reported from Department of Statistics Singapore.

Author: Mel Smith, Marketing Executive

Founded in 1981, Analox Sensor Technology provides niche and custom gas detection solutions to industries including beverage and fast food, commercial diving and laboratories. Analox has over 325 years of collective, specialist electronics and software engineering expertise, as well as a worldwide distributor network. Contact us to see how we can provide expert gas monitoring solutions and help you achieve your goals.

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