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Analox Distributor Profile: VWR Norway

This month we shine the spotlight on VWR – one of the world leaders in providing products, services and solutions to laboratory and production facilities.

VWR started in 1852 to provide products to the mining and laboratory markets, and over time expanded to several industries including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, industrial, education, government and healthcare.

The main headquarters of VWR are Radnor, Pennsylvania, however there are national offices all over the world to cater for each country that they supply to.

Analox supply their products to VWR in Norway, which is the leading distribution company for laboratory products in that area.

VWR in Norway (previously known as Kebo Lab / Tollef Bredal) was established in 1896 and the main office is in Oslo. There are also offices in Bergen, Trondheim and Tromsø with a total of 60 people working for the company.

The aim of VWR is to help accelerate scientific innovation by providing educators, scientists, researchers, medical professionals and engineers with the most effective and efficient solutions, whether that be products, equipment or services.

Laboratories use inert gases such as argon (Ar), nitrogen (N2) or helium (He) as carrier gases or in cryogenics. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is used as a laboratory gas in cryogenic applications, sample transportation and cell culture.

Analox previously visited and exhibited at the VWR day in Oslo, Norway, in October 2015, to raise awareness of the potential dangers that can occur within a laboratory environment when using different gases in confined spaces.

They also exhibited and presented a safety paper at their show in Aalesund in April 2016.

The VWR Norway team

All smiles: the VWR Norway team

VWR in Norway signed up as a distributor for Analox in June 2016, and they supply the O2NE+, Safe-Ox+ and Ax60 for users of incubators, gas chromatography machines, mass spectrometers and many laboratory applications.

All VWR sales and servicing staff have been fully trained on Analox units and are knowledgeable about each product.

Maria Stenseth, Industry and Pharma Manager, said: “We wanted to enlarge our portfolio of gas detection products, and Analox provided a unique range which would meet our requirements. Our relationship with them is rather new, but we have already seen a high degree of service and support from Analox.”

Becca Dodds, Sales Manager Asia Pacific, Brazil & Northern Europe, said: “We have forged a great bond with the team at VWR and together we are committed to raising awareness of the dangers of using gases in your labs. By installing gas safety monitors, labs are ensuring they keep their staff and visitors safe as well as adhering to legislation such as EH40. Our partnership with VWR will ensure that end users get reliable and niche products at affordable prices with excellent local support.”

To find out more about VWR in Norway visit their website or email info@no.vwr.com

Author: Araminta Hartley, Content Writer

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