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Gas monitoring in China – the Analytica exhibition

Find out more about gas monitoring in China in our latest blog post, when the Analox team went two very different exhibitions, and to see customers and distributors.

After one week in China, two exhibitions, three networking events and an abundance of customer, distributor and sales visits, the team have arrived exhausted, but safely back to the Analox offices.

Describing the trip as ‘wonderfully eye-opening’ the sales team exhibited at Analytica China, attended Brew and Beverage, and met with several companies within the Shanghai area to highlight the importance of monitoring areas where gas is used and stored.

Regulations and legislation is already a high priority across China and knowledge of the potential dangers associated with gas storage areas and leaks is fairly detailed.

This year’s Analytica China saw a total of 24,582 professional instrument users, scientists and researchers, an increase of 31% compared to the 2014 edition, visiting the trade show. The show profiled leading companies within laboratory technology, analysis, biotechnology and diagnostics industry.

Analytica logo

Analytica covered 35,000 square meters of floor space,  an increase of 17% compared to the last event. There were 848 leading exhibitors (up 22% on last time) from 25 countries and districts who attended the show. Again, Germany, the UK, Japan and Taiwan exhibited in force alongside their government partner bodies.

Our sales team were presenting the Ax60, a wall mountable CO2 monitor and our Safe-Ox+, an oxygen depletion and enrichment monitor at their stand at China Analytica.

The Safe-Ox+ should be installed in areas where gases such as nitrogen and helium are being used. These are inert gases and therefore if a leak does occur, the gas displaces the oxygen in the atmosphere before causing harm from the increased amount of that particular gas. It should also be installed where enriched oxygen is being used, as increased levels of enriched oxygen can cause a fire risk.

The team found the show to be a success with the amount of people they were able to speak to, not only did they make some great connections they were also able to learn a lot about the industry and the way companies conduct business throughout China.

You say tomato I say tomato…

It’s important to not become complacent with language and although our sales representatives weren’t fluent in Chinese before they went, they made sure they could at least greet people (Nǐ hǎo) and say ‘thank you’ (Xièxiè). We also provided a fully translated laboratory brochure in simplified Chinese to help bridge the language barrier gap.

Analox is a truly global company and we believe in helping our distributors sell our products as much as possible, no matter where they are in the world. We have already translated several of our datasheets, manuals and blogs into different languages and are currently working on microsites which will be condensed versions of our website fully translated into Swedish, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, Chinese and Arabic.

When in Rome (well, Shanghai)

While in China the team also took the opportunity to walk the floor at another exhibition, a hospitality show called China Brew and Beverage. Having never been to this show before, this gave the team a chance to gather feedback about the potential of attending as exhibitors in the future.

China Brew and Beverage was established in 1995 and claims to have made great contributions to the industry in China providing great ideas for further developments in the beverage and liquid food machinery industry. This year’s show covered 100,000 square meters and had 800 exhibitors with their products on display.

The Chinese hospitality industry is deemed strong. Interestingly, online news source, Reuters, say ‘China is key for the biggest international beer brands as growth elsewhere stalls, accounting for half of the industry’s global volume increase last year. China drinks a quarter of the world’s beer.’

Despite at times an unbearably warm and unfamiliar climate, having just missed a typhoon by one day (!) the team had a successful business trip and will be travelling back to South East Asia soon to further build relationships and scope out new business opportunities.

If you’re looking for gas monitoring in China then please get in touch and let us know. We may already have what you need, but we may also be able to discuss any other requirements you have and potentially visit you in the not so distant future.

Update: The Ax60 has now been replaced by the Ax60+, a innovative, modular gas detection unit. Visit our website to find out more.

Author: Mel Smith, Marketing Executive

Founded in 1981, Analox Sensor Technology provides niche and custom gas detection solutions to industries including beverage and fast food, commercial diving and laboratories. Analox has over 325 years of collective, specialist electronics and software engineering expertise, as well as a worldwide distributor network. Contact us to see how we can provide expert gas monitoring solutions and help you achieve your goals.

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