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Food for thought at Northern Restaurant and Bar 2017

Analox Sensor Technology returned to Manchester to visit Northern Restaurant and Bar, the largest hospitality exhibition in the North-West of England.

The exhibition hosted 300 exhibitors and over 7,500 visitors, as well as live cookery demos by nationally acclaimed chefs.

Last year we exhibited with one of our local distributors, but this year we went to ‘walk the floor’ and check out the latest trends in the beverage and hospitality industry (and of course try some tasty food and drink.)

Here’s our video showing our day at the exhibition and what was taking place there.

Gases in the hospitality industry

If you are a regular reader of the blog you will know that carbon dioxide is used in a variety of ways in the hospitality industry – from carbonating beer and soft drinks, to creating dry ice which can be used for theatrical effects in bars and restaurants. Carbon dioxide is also a by-product of the fermentation process and can rise to elevated levels in commercial kitchens.

Nitrogen is also being increasingly used to put the fizz in beer, ale and stouts, as well as freeze chilling food and creating ‘nitrobrew’ coffee.

Both of these gases can have a dangerous effect on the human body if levels in the atmosphere rise too high, meaning they need to be monitored.

Ice cream, beer and… insects?!

One of the perks of going to Northern Restaurant and Bar is that there is lots of food and drink to try. We visited many stalls, getting the chance to talk to different companies about how they use gases in their industries, and if they were aware of the dangers, as well as sample some of the latest treats.

There were stalls offering fruity cups of tea, delicious slices of cake and sweet ice cream as well as many different varieties of gin, beer and cider.

One of the more interesting stalls was Rentokil’s. Rentokil are a pest control company and as a result they had different types of cooked bugs to sample on the stall, with badges to reward anyone who was up for the challenge. ‘Frankenstein fudge’ anyone?

Bug challenge at NRB

Seeing old friends

We saw a lot of companies who were at the 2016 event, as well as a handful of new faces.

We stumbled upon the Food Porn awards, who were our neighbours last year, and kept making us hungry with their delicious food photos! They recognised us and we had a bit of a ‘how’s business’ catch up. Their awards this year had been extended to Yorkshire, which was great as there are so many delicious places to eat here.

Trends for 2017

Popcorn at NRB

Here are some of the key hospitality trends we noticed at Northern Restaurant and Bar this year:

  • Gin is still massive in 2017, with locally distilled variations emerging and becoming even more popular. Each stall had their own combination of fruits and botanicals to make very unusual blends
  • There were also a lot of stalls offering ‘premium’ soft drinks, for those who didn’t want an alcoholic drink, but were bored of the standard cola and lemonade on offer
  • Snack foods were also a big thing. We were a bit wary of trying the ‘half popped’ popcorn, but were surprised how tasty it was. There were also many different flavours of crisps and popcorn to try, from gin and tonic, to caramel and whisky
  • There is also a trend for new and unusual varieties of tea. From white tea and pear to cherry green sencha, a cup of plain PG Tips doesn’t quite cut it anymore

It seems that choice is what customers really want and by the variety of samples on offer the industry is definitely reacting to this.

Gas monitoring in restaurants, breweries and food production

Market kitchen

We had a very exciting and interesting day and enjoyed finding out more about what people are doing in the hospitality industry. There are many innovative products now on the market and we are looking into increasing manufacturer’s knowledge on the potential risks and dangers of using gas and how we can help with their specific gas safety requirements.

Don’t forget, if you use gases and are looking for a cost-effective and efficient way to keep your staff and assets safe, Analox Sensor Technology can help. Contact us today and our friendly sales team will suggest the best gas monitor to suit your requirements.

Author: Kate Ingham, Digital Marketing Executive

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