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Want to win a gift voucher? Just have your say about our products

Have you recently purchased an Analox product? If so, you could win an Amazon gift voucher for just five minutes of your time.

In each product box you will find a card. Go to the web address featured on the card, fill in a short survey and each month we will send one lucky person £20 of Amazon vouchers as a thank you.

The survey will take you five minutes to fill in and all we want to know is which product you purchased and what you thought of the product and the service you received.

We love receiving feedback about our services and products. Positive feedback helps us consolidate the things our customers like about Analox products, and not-so-positive feedback allows us to review what we might have got wrong, and identify what we need to do going forward.

Every single piece of feedback we receive helps us continuously improve our products and services.

So don’t delay, fill in our survey and help us continue to provide excellent service and products, and win a prize too!

Author: Kate Ingham, Digital Marketing Executive

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Founded in 1981, Analox Sensor Technology provides niche and custom gas detection solutions to industries including beverage and fast food, commercial diving and laboratories. Analox has over 325 years of collective, specialist electronics and software engineering expertise, as well as a worldwide distributor network. Contact us to see how we can provide expert gas monitoring solutions and help you achieve your goals.

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