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The Ax60+.. O2 monitoring available soon
... Because 'plus' is more

The Ax60+… oxygen monitoring will be available soon

Our Ax60+ gas detection monitor is currently available to purchase for monitoring carbon dioxide (CO2) gas. However, we are pleased to announce that the highly anticipated oxygen sensor variant will be available from May 2017.

We began to develop our original Ax60 gas detection monitor, which is approved by the ‘McDonald’s Restaurant Solutions Group’, with the aim of creating a fully customisable, multi-gas monitor to suit customers changing needs.

Based on our popular Ax60 carbon dioxide monitor, the Ax60+ has been designed to monitor a variety of gases in separate areas, relaying information to one central unit.

Monitoring oxygen and carbon dioxide together

Previously if you used carbon dioxide and inert gases like nitrogen, argon and helium, you would need two separate gas monitors. With the Ax60+, you can now monitor both gases in one unit, at the same time.

As an example, if you own a pub and use both carbon dioxide and nitrogen to dispense your beer, the Ax60+ sensor units can be used in the room you keep your gas cylinders in to monitor levels of both gases.

Our oxygen sensor can also be used to monitor not only low levels of oxygen, but high levels of oxygen too. So if you work in an industry which uses enriched oxygen, you can use the Ax60+ to alert you if levels of oxygen increase to a dangerous level, causing a fire risk.

The great thing is, if you already have an Ax60+, all you need to do is connect an Analox oxygen sensor unit, add it to the central unit configuration and you’re ready to start monitoring. It’s such an easy and adaptable system to use.

Gas monitoring flexibility with the Ax60+

The Ax60+ is fully customisable to your requirements and allows multiple placement of up to eight alarms and four sensor units. You can customise the alarm level set points and have any combination of sensors.

Want four CO2 sensors? No problem. Want two CO2 and two O2 sensors? The Ax60+ can accommodate that too. You can have up to four alarms per sensor and a maximum of eight alarms per system, ideal if you have a large building you need to monitor.

The Ax60+ has up to a five-year sensor and electronics warranty (depending on the final gas monitoring solution you choose) making it not only a flexible solution, but a cost-effective one too.

Other variants of gases – just ask

The Ax60+ is currently available to monitor carbon dioxide, and oxygen monitoring will be available at the end of May 2017. Other gases will be available to monitor in the future.

If you have a need for a particular gas sensor, let us know… we might be able to prioritise it.

Pre-order your oxygen monitoring sensor now

Want to know more about our newest, innovative multi-gas monitoring system?

If you would like find out more, pre-order your oxygen sensor for the Ax60+, or register your interest to find out when other gas variants will be available, please contact us.

And remember… the Analox Ax60+ – the ‘plus’ means you get more!

Author: Kate Ingham, Digital Marketing Executive

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Founded in 1981, Analox Sensor Technology provides niche and custom gas detection solutions to industries including beverage and fast food, commercial diving and laboratories. Analox has over 325 years of collective, specialist electronics and software engineering expertise, as well as a worldwide distributor network. Contact us to see how we can provide expert gas monitoring solutions and help you achieve your goals.

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