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Cheers to the most successful Drinktec yet!

The world’s leading trade fair for the beverage and hospitality industry, Drinktec, is celebrating its most successful year to date.

With over 76.000 visitors and 1,1749 exhibitors (including Analox Sensor Technology), Drinktec has exceeded expectations, further cementing itself at the heart of the beverage industry as an internationally recognised name.

The show’s increasing influence was clear from the exceptional amount of people in attendance, who came from 170 different countries.

Members of our sales team attended the exhibition in Munich to showcase the impressive (and arguable necessary) range of gas detection equipment, manufactured here at our factory in Stokesley, England.

The team, consisting of Matt Lambert and Katherine Winter, shared a stand with our biggest distributor in Western Europe, Beviclean, who serve the industry with specialised cleaning products.

Katherine said: “It was huge. There were so many people there from so many different places and that’s great for us as it gave us the opportunity to showcase our innovative offering of gas detection products.”

The benefits of exhibiting with another niche provider meant that we could directly recommend our respective companies to potential customers where appropriate.

Matt said: “Sharing a stand with Beviclean, who have a strong customer base, allowed us to further develop our already good relationship with the company, and it opened new doors for Analox to network and connect with the rest of the beverage market.”

“We were able to share ideas with each other, and understand the beverage industry from a different market perspective.”

The sheer volume of people in attendance gave some indications about how different geographical regions had different requirements. This was understood by the way different nationalities were attracted to different stands.

Katherine said: “You get a good view of what’s going on from the stands. I was able to see different nationalities being drawn to different industry offerings, and this provides invaluable insight to us as it demonstrates where needs could potentially be met.”

As well as exhibiting our own impressive range of products, it was useful to see what other organisations from the beverage industry were offering in terms of innovation, as this can inform our own product development process.

We asked Katherine and Matt what stood out to them while they were at the event.

Katherine said: “I was really pleased to see the Analox branding on stands operated by our distributors, Cornelius and Chart. There was free ice cream too, which is always welcomed!”

Matt was impressed by the level of planning that went into how some of the stands were arranged and presented.

He said: “There were TVs with informative videos on loop to help people better understand what was being offered. There was mood lighting around some of the stands, food and beer, and the Drinktec hosts provided a warm welcome to everyone.”

Matt, Katherine and the rest of the UK sales team regularly attend similar exhibitions around the world. To see where our company will be exhibiting next, check out our events calendar.



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