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Analox partner TOMCO2 offers the whole package for maximum efficiency

TOMCO2 prides itself on being the expert in everything CO2, they provide trusted CO2 solutions including long life tanks, CO2 transportation and dry ice equipment, alongside exceptional engineering and expertise to understand the best solutions for customers.


The company, which has a head office in Georgia, markets its products worldwide and began its business in 1970 and has developed into a enterprise capable of designing, fabricating, servicing, installing and inspecting turnkey solutions to fit any CO2 application need.


Analox began working with TOMCO2 eight years ago giving the comprehensive solutions provider an additional offer of safety for its customers. TOMCO2 install Analox’s Ax60+ safety monitors alongside their CO2 tank installations to ensure those working in that area are safe from gas exposure at all times.


Bill Wiggins, VP Business Development for TOMCO2 said, “We first came across Analox after we searched for CO2 detection online, we knew we needed to offer customers an additional safety unit with our CO2 tanks, as we’re fully aware of the dangers just a small increase of gas can cause to people’s health.


“Working with Analox’s VP of Sales, Patti Clarkson, has been a pleasure, we’re provided with a knowledgeable and easy to deal with account manager which makes conducting business much more effective all round.


“TOMCO2 deliver global CO2 solutions to several industries including systems for water technologies, fire systems and industrial equipment, offering expertise and state of the art CO2 products to go above and beyond satisfying our customers’ requirements. TOMCO2 are very proud of the products and systems we offer our customers and this is extended to Analox gas detectors.”


Patti Clarkson, VP Sales for Analox said, “TOMCO2 are a great fit as a distributor of our CO2 monitors. They focus on customer service and ensuring they fulfill all customer requirements to the highest standard.


“Their expertise in supplying CO2 solutions is vast and we hope that by adding a safety unit to their portfolio, helping their customers comply with NBIC, NFPA 55, IFC and OSHA regulations, adds value to their comprehensive offering. We look forward to continuing our successful business relationship with Bill and the rest of the TomCO2 team.”


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