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Ax60+ with Data Output Module (example of units, not actual recommended layout)
Ax60+ mulit-gas detection system with Data Output Module communications unit.

Data Output Module Coming Soon!

Get Connected

The latest addition to our Ax60+ multi-gas monitor is available to pre-order now. The new functionality called the Data Output Module, allows customers to connect readings from their Ax60+ gas detection monitor to a Building Management System (BMS) or Building Automation System (BAS) or central control panel.

The Data Output Module uses 4-20mA signal or MODBUS digital communication to transmit readings from the Ax60+ central unit, including data on gas levels and alarm conditions.

A Data Output Module would be needed is an environment using multiple sensors across various rooms and locations. The unit uses either communication method to transmit data readings to a central information point, making it easier for the user to review readings from all building monitoring devices.


For example, a facility which houses several laboratories, would have the need to monitor many  different applications, including the gas quantities of each room. The Data Output Module allows the user to connect the Ax60+ readings to a computer based control system that could control and monitor the building’s mechanical and electrical equipment, including fire and security systems, ventilation, lighting and power.

The diagram below is a simple representation of a laboratory environment and how the Data Output Module can transmit multiple readings from different sensors in different locations.
Dom network

Data Output Module Benefits

  • Allows for remote transmission – information in a single location or more locations
  • Multi sensor applications possible
  • Can be integrated into a datalogging and recording facility for safety reviews and post incident investigation
  • Ability to drive other devices including variable speed fans

We called our Ax60+, PLUS for a reason, aiming to provide you with a fully flexible and customisable solution to suit your specific needs.

Please get in contact to discuss what options are right for you.

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