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Analox returns to IBDEA for the 5th time

IBDEA the International Beverage Dispensing Equipment Association, was formed in 1971, as a platform for the beverage dispensing equipment industry to share and approach common industry-wide problems and information. Since then, IBDEA have hosted their annual conferences for those within the industry to do just that; to connect and stay acquainted with the changes and challenges within the beverage industry.

Analox has attended IBDEA for five years now, including this years IBDEA 2019 hosted in Florida. Our focus when we attend these conferences is to highlight the dangers of carbon dioxide and to promote CO2 safety within the beverage industry as CO2 gas detection is something which we specialise in.

Our aim is to not only keep up with the latest equipment regarding the use of CO2, but to also raise awareness of the dangers potential CO2 leaks can cause.Our booth showcased what we can offer to keep you safe and importantly, compliant with workplace safety legislation and fire code regulations.

Two members of the Analox team attended IBDEA this year, Mel Smith and Scott Clarkson, who thoroughly enjoyed the event and came back with a number interesting topics and trends regarding the beverage dispensing industry.

One of the key topics of conversation was the rise in enforcement by local fire inspectors to install CO2 safety monitors in areas where CO2 is used for walk in coolers, cold storage, or used with beverage dispensing equipment and carbonating beverages on premises.


Scott Clarkson Sales Account Manager said; “Several installers told us that new buildings were not even allowed to open their doors until they had sufficient CO2 sensors and alarms fitted as outlined in fire codes and workplace safety regulations including IFC, NBIC, NFPA and OSHA.

“The issue our customers have is that these codes are being interpreted differently by each fire department within each municipality, depending on their requirements. However our CO2 monitor is completely configurable allowing for any varying alarm set-points enforced by the authorities, allowing for full flexibility.

“The IBDEA is a long standing association which allows those in the industry to get together and talk about emerging trends and challenges they are facing. The dangers of CO2 are known but the severity sometimes gets bypassed, there was a fatality in June of 2018 in Atlanta  due to a CO2 leak in a walkin cooler.This conference is a great opportunity to highlight the real danger a leak of CO2 from a walk in cooler or drinks dispensing unit can cause.”

Overall, this years IBDEA turned out to be a successful exhibition and we look forward to attending future annual IBDEA conferences. Watch our summary video here.

If you would like to know more about our CO2 safety solutions for the beverage industry read our beverage and hospitality brochure here, or please just get in touch.

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