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Distributor Spotlight: Tech Asia!

Tech Asia, an Analox Partner, are a technical diving company in the Philippines and Asia, providing ‘quality courses, diving, and support for technical diving at all levels, from simple Nitrox, all the way to full Trimix.’ As well as being technical diving specialists, Tech Asia the company offers local diving trips, the opportunity for international travel and expeditions, and attendance on exploration projects.

Tech Asia and Analox have been working in partnership since 2014, jointly offering  customised gas detection to support the needs of technical diving. Experts in their industry, their Dive Center was initially established 19 years ago.

Analox enjoys working with Tech Asia as they are such a unique facility portraying expertise within their industry; they were one of the first in their region to cater solely to technical divers and Analox is proud to provide quality gas analysis equipment to give their customers the ability to dive safely at advanced levels.

Tech Asia have been using the Analox O2EII Pro and ATA Pro (Nitrox and Trimix analysers) to check their own gas mixes since well before the beginning of the business partnership, making them a natural choice and valued distributor of Analox. You can find out more about our Nitrox and Trimix products here.

(Tech Asia using the Analox ATA Pro at an Asian Karst Exploration Project in May 2015)

(Tech Asia using the Analox ATA Pro at an Asian Karst Exploration Project in May 2015)

Dave Ross, Sales Manager at Tech Asia has been in the local diving industry for over twenty five years, and is both well connected, and fully aware of the needs of divers and facilities when it comes to gas analysis. Across eight outlets around the Philippines Tech Asia is probably unmatched in their ability to provide expert Sales and After Sales Service nationwide.

Kayleigh Martin, Regional Account Manager at Analox said, “I thoroughly enjoy working with Tech Asia, they are an extremely valued distributor of Analox Sensor Technology. Their expertise in the technical diving industry is second to none and I feel they have the same drive and passion towards gas safety as we do. I look forward to continue working with Tech Asia and our future business together.”


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