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Why is CO2 not seen as dangerous?

Why is CO2 not seen as dangerous?

Did you know that carbon dioxide or CO2 becomes a poisonous gas when there is too much of it in the air you breathe? High CO2 levels can cause headaches, dizziness, confusion, loss of consciousness and even death. CO2 is an odourless, colourless and tasteless gas and is undetectable by the human senses but for some reason, a high percentage of people using CO2 don’t see it as a danger!

Brewery worker cleaning beer pipelines

Many years ago I worked in a pub and it was my task to clean the beer lines. For those who don’t know CO2 or a Nitrogen (N2) mix are used daily by pubs and bars to carbonate fizzy drinks and to pump beverages through beer lines. On a number of occasions, I would complain of headaches and feeling tired, thinking this was down to the night before, I dismissed it very quickly. I would be working away on my own in a small cellar with no ventilation, surrounded by CO2 bottles with no monitor – not once did it occur to me that I was at risk. It was only when I started to work at Analox that I was made aware of what was causing the headaches and tiredness… CO2!


Carbon monoxide (CO) on the other hand is regarded as extremely dangerous and it is a legal requirement to have a CO alarm in new builds and properties which have log burners fitted, so why not the same for CO2? How can this change, what is going to make people more aware that protection for CO2 is a requirement, not just a nice to have?

I was fortunate to only suffer from headaches as it could have been a lot worse. Every day there are reports about CO2 related incidents across the world which have resulted in fatalities in the workplace. We need to educate employers and businesses that use CO2 for beverages and other applications, to understand that CO2 can be fatal and should take precautions to protect their staff with a fixed CO2 dispense gas monitor such as AX60+ or by giving them a lightweight portable CO2 alarm such as our CO2Buddy.

Want to find out more about CO2 monitoring or just want to have a chat about how you can protect yourself and your employees, feel free to contact me here at Analox on 01642 711400.


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