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National Drink Wine Day!


A day for celebration! 🥂 Apparently the 18th of February is National Drink Wine Day. I can’t see that anyone is going to argue with celebrating that day, or on any other day for that matter! At Analox we’re very interested in this (not just for the obvious reasons) as we recommend the use of gas safety monitors in Wineries.

Gases are no strangers to Winemakers

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is used in several aspects of wine making, it is a bi-product produced by yeast as a natural product of fermentation and it’s great for keeping oxygen (O2) away from ‘must’ and other elements which can ‘spoil’ wine. The gas can also be added artificially to add a little spritz to the beverage.


Nitrogen is also used to reduce exposure to oxygen in the natural atmosphere during the bottling and storage stages of wine production. Ensuring oxygen does not reach the product helps to preserve the flavour and colour of your wine.

If you want to find out more about how gases are used in the beverage and hospitality industry please click here to check out our helpful guide.

Dangers of CO2 & Nitrogen

Both CO2 and N2 are colourless and odourless gases which can be harmful to humans at increased levels. The toxicity of CO2 will cause harm to a human before O2 depletion becomes a problem. Nitrogen depletes the oxygen in the area, causing an asphyxiation risk, a leak of either gas could eventually be fatal.

How can you stay safe against gas leaks?

If you are using CO2 you will need a carbon dioxide monitor and if you are using nitrogen you will need an oxygen depletion monitor. Our Ax60+ fixed gas detector can be used to monitor both O2 depletion and enrichment and CO2, allowing you to ensure that your employees are safe in their workplace. You could also opt for our new CO2 portable monitor as a personal protection unit.

Enjoy National Wine Day, but be aware of the dangers of inert gases and of course the hangover the next day!

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