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Distributor Highlight – Nautilus


Brett Thorpe, the Owner and Director of Nautilus, has worked with Analox for over 15 years. In 2006 he opened his own Dive Shop and retailed Analox Products before selling the retail business and moving into distribution in 2016 when Nautilus was awarded the scuba distribution on Analox products for the UK & Ireland market. They are now Analox’s sole Master Distributor for the UK and Germany for all Analox scuba products which include O2EII Pro Nitrox Checker and ATA Pro, including spares and accessories which compliment these products.

An experienced instructor in recreational and technical diving, and an active member in the Dive Industry for over 25 years Brett shares the Analox view of the critical importance of checking the air you are breathing before you dive!

Nautilus was born out of the vision and need to allow smaller retailers, as well as large, to sell premium products and be able to provide their customers with access to high end brands at reasonable prices.

Supplying over 30 brands in the UK diving market, Nautilus covers everything from everyday products like hoses, cylinders and torches to specialist areas such as camera equipment and lighting, plus they offer higher end equipment including backplates and wings. In this product range you’ll also find Analox gas detectors, ensuring Nautilus supply a comprehensive range including gas safety devices.

2019 was their best year to date with Nautilus selling their highest number of Analox products to their dealers. We are looking forward to seeing what 2020 will bring for the scuba diving experts.

Nautilus are an extremely valued partner of Analox and we thank them for their continued support!

For more information on the products they supply take a look at their Nautilus website.


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