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Make sure compliant with Health and Safety regulations for workplace exposure limits.
Make sure your business is compliant with Health and Safety regulations for workplace exposure limits.

Be compliant with EU CO2 workplace exposure limits

Workplace exposure limits – what you should know to be legally compliant in Europe. Exposure Limits Do you comply with the European standards? If you don’t know, this blog will shed some light on the regulations and if you do know, then this blog will provide you with the confidence that you’re already legally compliant. EH40 is a list of … Continue reading

Analox partner, Azote Industrial Gas Solutions, stand at FoodTech Packtech.

Analox partner Azote attend leading trade show FoodTech PackTech

  Azote Industrial Gas Solutions, based in New Zealand, provide on-site nitrogen and oxygen generators across a wide range of applications and will be attending this year’s renowned FoodTech PackTech (FTPT) exhibition in Auckland from 18th – 20th September. The 3 day event hosted at ASB Showgrounds, Auckland is New Zealand’s largest food manufacturing, packaging and processing technology trade show. … Continue reading

Helium is used in the MRI process as a coolant.
Helium is used in the MRI process as a coolant.

Happy Birthday Helium!

Last week marked the 150th year since helium was discovered during a solar eclipse, by the French scientist Jules Janssen. If this conjures up images of party balloons and seeing who’s high pitched voice can sound the funniest*, you wouldn’t be wrong, but helium is also an integral element within many other different applications. Helium (He) is one of the … Continue reading

Analox Aspida Gas Detector case study

Case Study: Using Aspida to Monitor CO2 and 02

  Tunnel Ravne is a network of underground passages and chambers built in ancient times by an unknown prehistoric culture. At some point in history it was deliberately blocked up with dry stone walls backed with thousands of tons of sand and gravel. Tunnel Ravne was discovered in 2005 by Dr. Sam Semir Osmanagich Ph.D., Principal Investigator. It is being … Continue reading

SDA Oxygen Unit

Spotlight on the SDA

If you need a robust, continuous, comprehensive gas monitoring solution for your diving system or decompression chamber, the SDA range from Analox is for you. Where is the SDA range used? The SDA range is predominantly used in the following industries: Air/surface supplied diving Saturation diving Decompression chambers Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) chambers In air diving, the SDA O2 can … Continue reading

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Compressed air tanks
High quality breathing air is important to a wide range of industries.

Compressed breathing air safety – how important is it?

Contact us to find out more about how we can help with your compressed breathing air safety requirements, or sign up to our blog for twice-weekly updates about the gas industry. At first glance the physiological demands of the firefighter, the scuba diver and the hospital patient have little in common. One is trained to deal with fire and rescue, … Continue reading

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GasDetect logo

GasDetect ensure they’re up to speed with all things health and safety

GasDetect, a comprehensive safety business supplying, installing and maintaining equipment for advanced gas detection requirements, will be exhibiting at Ajour 2016. The exhibition, based in Odense, Denmark on the 24th -25th of November, will showcase the latest technologies and innovations across several industries. Ajour highlights itself as a platform where businesses can meet technical managers and decision makers face to … Continue reading

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TEC CO carbon monoxide sensor

Introducing the TEC CO – a stable, sensitive carbon monoxide sensor

Analox Sensor Technology is pleased to announce a brand-new range of electrochemical sensors for detecting toxic gases at parts per billion (sub-ppm level). The TEC (Toxic Electrochemical Cell) sensors are a range of OEM sensors that are backward-compatible with the existing MEC (mini electrochemical) range and offer the same modular approach to gas monitoring. The first variant scheduled for release is … Continue reading

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Paint pots
Let us paint a picture of what VOCs are and what they can do.

Do you know what a VOC is?

Our products are known for monitoring many different gases, but if you look closely at the description of some of them, you will see that it mentions the acronym VOC. For those that don’t know what VOC means, it stands for volatile organic compound, and there are thousands of different ones produced and used in our daily lives. To help … Continue reading

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Air-Tech exhibition
If you're worried about contaminants in your compressors our gas monitors are a breath of fresh air!

Analox care about air at the 2016 Air-Tech exhibition

Analox attended the Air-Tech 2016 exhibition at the NEC Birmingham in April. The biennial event ran from 12-14 April and featured suppliers from around the world who provide compressed air systems and related equipment. Air power is the second most widely used source of motive energy in the world, preceded by electricity, and the exhibition aims to cater for this … Continue reading

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