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Category Archives: Case studies

Analox Aspida Gas Detector case study

Case Study: Using Aspida to Monitor CO2 and 02

  Tunnel Ravne is a network of underground passages and chambers built in ancient times by an unknown prehistoric culture. At some point in history it was deliberately blocked up with dry stone walls backed with thousands of tons of sand and gravel. Tunnel Ravne was discovered in 2005 by Dr. Sam Semir Osmanagich Ph.D., Principal Investigator. It is being … Continue reading

laboratory door

CPI Case Study – Safe-Ox+ and A50

  The Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) is a UK-based technology innovation centre and the process arm of the High Value Manufacturing, Catapult. CPI enables businesses to develop, prove, prototype and scale up the next generation of products and processes.  CPI operates across a broad range of technologies including; Industrial Biotechnology, Printable Electronics, Formulation and Biologics.   They offer experienced … Continue reading

O2NE+ in Cranfield airfield air hangar
Imperial College London said that the O2NE+ oxygen defiency monitor was "simple to setup" and "fulfilled our requirements well"

Analox case study: Monitoring oxygen at Cranfield airfield

Introduction For personnel safety, monitoring of oxygen levels was required as part of an experimental field campaign based at Cranfield airfield. This experiment was undertaken by researchers in the atmospheric physics group at Imperial College London. The researchers are interested in measuring Far-infrared radiance fields in the atmosphere in order to better understand atmospheric heating/cooling effects of high level cirrus clouds and water vapour. To … Continue reading

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