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Analox partner TOMCO2 offers the whole package for maximum efficiency

TOMCO2 prides itself on being the expert in everything CO2, they provide trusted CO2 solutions including long life tanks, CO2 transportation and dry ice equipment, alongside exceptional engineering and expertise to understand the best solutions for customers.   The company, which has a head office in Georgia, markets its products worldwide and began its business in 1970 and has developed … Continue reading

Mel from Analox presenting Chris Easton, Federal Beverage Control, with his $100 prize

Analox ‘raise the stakes’ at Vegas hosted IBDEA conference

  This year’s IBDEA was hosted in one of the world’s biggest hospitality and entertainment hubs in the world, Las Vegas, which provided the perfect platform to discuss, deliberate and debate all areas of the beverage dispensing industry.   Analox attended to further increase awareness of the dangers of using and storing CO2, especially in a confined area like a … Continue reading

Fortune cookie

A stroke of good fortune – How are fortune cookies made?

If you’ve ever been to a Chinese restaurant or ordered a takeaway, chances are you’ve opened a fortune cookie. A fortune cookie is a biscuit which is snapped open to reveal a piece of paper with a ‘fortune’ on it. This fortune can be anything from a saying, a prediction, a joke, or even a list of lucky numbers. In … Continue reading

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Helium Not Funny
Image: Disney

Helium: Fatal not Funny

Helium, when used safely, has a wide range of uses and applications ranging from It’s OK – you can admit it. We’ve all done it at one time or another and if you haven’t, you’ll know someone that has. It’s almost become commonplace to see at least one person inhale helium from balloons at family gatherings, functions or parties at … Continue reading

The 3000SI range measures a wide range of gases and easily fits into your own gas monitoring systems.

Ammonia leaks in the news – how to keep your employees safe

Ammonia (NH3) has been hitting the news for all the wrong reasons, after several gas leaks have been reported at workplaces. Ammonia is a compound of nitrogen and hydrogen and is a colourless gas with a pungent smell. Over 80% of world-wide ammonia production is used in agriculture as fertiliser. It is also used in refrigerant gas, for purification of … Continue reading

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Advanced Marine - Distributor of Analox

Analox Distributor Profile: Advanced Marine

  Advanced Marine, a valued distributor of Analox, has been Southeast Asia’s leading supplier of commercial diving, survey, ROV and subsea equipment for over 35 years. Keen to offer a wide range of products for its customer’s benefit, Advanced Marine stock a catalogue of diving equipment from over 40 OEMs (original equipment manufacturers). Included are several of Analox’s industry standard … Continue reading


Analox at the movies: Cyanide confusion in James Bond

We previously explored the gas inaccuracies in the sci-fi film Prometheus, and now we’re back looking at the long running spy series James Bond. The James Bond films have always been a bit over the top, with flashy gadgets and cars, and villainous plots which don’t always seem believable, but we still enjoy them. One object that has been referenced … Continue reading

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Product feedback image

Want to win a gift voucher? Just have your say about our products

Have you recently purchased an Analox product? If so, you could win an Amazon gift voucher for just five minutes of your time. In each product box you will find a card. Go to the web address featured on the card, fill in a short survey and each month we will send one lucky person £20 of Amazon vouchers as … Continue reading

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Analox support hour

Analox launch #analoxsupport hour on Twitter

We are delighted to announce that we are launching a new way for you to contact us if you have a support query, and all it takes is a Twitter account. We are launching the #analoxsupport hour on Wednesday 15 February between 3 and 4pm GMT. The hour will run at the same time each week. We pride ourselves on … Continue reading

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Hyper-Gas MkII

What are hydrocarbons?

In this blog post we look at what hydrocarbons are, how they are dangerous and how the Hyper-Gas MKII monitor can keep divers safe. Hydrocarbons are an organic compound consisting of hydrogen and carbon atoms, and they are commonly given off by the vaporisation of crude oil and condensate. Exposure to hydrocarbons can cause health effects such as asphyxiation and … Continue reading

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