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Ten interesting facts about carbon dioxide and the humble carbon dioxide monitor

We know that the humble carbon dioxide monitor is not the most exciting or sexiest thing in the world, but we take pride in our gas monitoring solutions here at Analox and are happiest when people are kept safe from potentially fatal gas leaks. With this in mind, we present a list of fun facts about carbon dioxide which we … Continue reading

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Don’t skate on thin ice – CO poisoning at ice rinks

If you were asked to name some places where carbon monoxide (CO poisoning) may occur, your first thought may be places like hotels and commercial kitchens, as well as people’s homes. However, CO poisoning can take place in venues you may have not thought of before, like an ice rink. Indoor ice rinks are big business in the United States … Continue reading

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S-Lab image

No horsing around when it comes to lab safety at S-lab

Analox will be exhibiting at this year’s S-lab exhibition being held at York Racecourse on 9-10th May 2017. The two day conference and exhibition will showcase the best product innovations within the laboratory industry, alongside a comprehensive conference schedule covering a range of lab related issues, discussions and debate topics. Analox will be positioned on table 29 in the exhibition … Continue reading

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Leisure pro logo

Analox Distributor Profile: Leisure Pro

Leisure Pro has been selling scuba diving accessories across the United States for the past 15 years. Leisure Pro sell products from the Analox scuba range including the O2EII Pro nitrox analyzer as well as replacement sensors and accessories. Customers can buy online, and shop directly from Leisure Pro’s store in New York. As well as an online store, Leisure … Continue reading

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The Ax60+.. O2 monitoring available soon
... Because 'plus' is more

The Ax60+… oxygen monitoring will be available soon

Our Ax60+ gas detection monitor is currently available to purchase for monitoring carbon dioxide (CO2) gas. However, we are pleased to announce that the highly anticipated oxygen sensor variant will be available from May 2017. We began to develop our original Ax60 gas detection monitor, which is approved by the ‘McDonald’s Restaurant Solutions Group’, with the aim of creating a … Continue reading

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Scuba diving gas analysis – keep safe, keep diving

Read our blog to find out more about the different types of gases you can use to dive and how Analox Sensor Technology can help with any scuba diving gas analysis issues you have. If you plan to scuba dive, you need to know about the different gases available. Many people think that you can breathe the same air underwater … Continue reading

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Product feedback image

Want to win a gift voucher? Just have your say about our products

Have you recently purchased an Analox product? If so, you could win an Amazon gift voucher for just five minutes of your time. In each product box you will find a card. Go to the web address featured on the card, fill in a short survey and each month we will send one lucky person £20 of Amazon vouchers as … Continue reading

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Food for thought at Northern Restaurant and Bar 2017

Analox Sensor Technology returned to Manchester to visit Northern Restaurant and Bar, the largest hospitality exhibition in the North-West of England. The exhibition hosted 300 exhibitors and over 7,500 visitors, as well as live cookery demos by nationally acclaimed chefs. Last year we exhibited with one of our local distributors, but this year we went to ‘walk the floor’ and … Continue reading

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International Dispensing Equipment ‘hub’ bubbles with Beverage topics

The annual International Beverage Dispensing Equipment Association (IBDEA) conference recently took place in Orlando, Florida and Analox were there to talk rules, regulations and all things gas related. The IBDEA is an international non-profit trade association representing companies that sell, lease, rent, manufacture and service beverage dispensing equipment and supplies. IBDEA was formed in 1971 as the National Soda Dispensing … Continue reading

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Matt at Summit on the Slopes

Ax60+ causing a flurry of activity at Summit on the Slopes

It’s ‘snow’ joke… our newest multi-gas monitor caused quite a stir when we attended an Austrian exhibition. Analox Sensor Technology attended ‘Summit on the Slopes’ in March, a seminar and exhibition held in Innsbruck, Austria. UK-based Gasworld magazine facilitated the event, which brought together industry professionals to discuss current topics and issues in the carbon dioxide market and supply chain. … Continue reading

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