Analox at the movies: Cyanide confusion in James Bond

We previously explored the gas inaccuracies in the sci-fi film Prometheus, and now we’re back looking at the long running spy series James Bond. The James Bond films have always been a bit over the top, with flashy gadgets and cars, and villainous plots which don’t always seem believable, but we still enjoy them. One object that has been referenced … Continue reading

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What have almonds and HCN got in common? Read on to find out.

What is hydrogen cyanide?

In this week’s blog, we take a look at one of the more obscure gases – hydrogen cyanide (HCN). How is it made, how can you identify it, and what are the dangers? Analox Sensor Technology strive to provide gas sensors and analysers that help look after the air you breathe. We recognise that there are a variety of gases … Continue reading

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Paint pots
Let us paint a picture of what VOCs are and what they can do.

Do you know what a VOC is?

Our products are known for monitoring many different gases, but if you look closely at the description of some of them, you will see that it mentions the acronym VOC. For those that don’t know what VOC means, it stands for volatile organic compound, and there are thousands of different ones produced and used in our daily lives. To help … Continue reading

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