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Data Output Module for Ax60+

Analox’s newest addition to the flexible muliti gas system, the Ax60+ is the Data Output Module. This accessory provides signals to output real-time activity of sensors via a 4-20mA and MODBUS RTU communication to a remote system such as a central control panel, a Building Management System (BMS), or any appropriate device.

The module has has 2 types of communication output, four individual 4-20mA outputs and MODBUS RTU by RS 485 serial link. Both types are able to communicate a sensor measured value and status to a master control panel or screen in a different location making it easier for the user to monitor all readings from devices in their facility in one location.

Compatible with any Analox Ax60+ * including previously installed Ax60+ systems, the Data Output Module is simple to mount and commision. To make it even easier to connect to the Ax60+* the The Data Output Module is available as quick connect or hard wired.

Key features and benefits of the Data Output Module:


Simple to install, industry standard communication method for communicating sensor status to remote locations.

• 4 channels (1 per sensor)

• Transmits gas levels (e.g. 20.9% O2)

• Fault diagnostics (e.g. Sensor is in fault, analogue output drives down to 3mA)


MODBUS enables more detailed communications regarding sensor status and allows monitoring of the Ax60+ system for more in depth analysis.

• Enables the transmission of multiple data messages from each sensor

• Transmits gas levels (e.g. 5000 ppm CO2)

• Transmits alarm status (e.g. AL2 Triggered)

• Ability to transmit fault status (e.g Sensor 2 is in fault)

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For more information on multi- gas monitoring for CO2 and O2 detection please view our Ax60+ Because plus is more.

Note *: The Analox Ax60 and Ax60+(Kiosk) systems are not compatible with this device.

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