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Gas Monitoring In Fast Food Restaurants

Gas Monitoring In Fast Food Restaurants

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is used to put the fizz into soft drinks. If the pipework used to transport the gas through the fast food restaurant is damaged, this can result in a potentially dangerous carbon dioxide leak.

As CO2 cannot be smelt, seen or tasted, the potential threat of a fatal gas leak in a fast-food restaurant can be reduced by fitting an Analox Sensor Technology carbon dioxide detector.

Carbon dioxide monitors we offer include: the Ax60+, a multi-gas monitor which can be used to detect CO2 as well as other gases, the Ax60+k, a smaller gas monitor ideal for fast food kiosks, and the A50, a tried and tested carbon dioxide monitor.

Keep your staff, customers and restaurant safe with Analox today.

Contact us today to find out how we can help with your carbon dioxide detecting requirements.

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