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We have put together a log of gas safety incidents and gas leaks in the news. This is to help make distributors and customers aware of the dangers of gases in particular industries.

We also post information about gas safety incidents on our blog.

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Hospitality Carbon Dioxide USA New Aldi market in Riverside reopens after carbon dioxide leak is detected


Hospitality Carbon Dioxide USA Man found dead in a beer cooler, a faulty door and lethal carbon dioxide leaks are to blame


Hospitality Carbon Dioxide Sweden Shopping centre in Sweden evacuated after CO2 leak from a soft drink machine


  Carbon Dioxide China 10 dead, 19 injured after carbon dioxide leak on cargo ship


laboratory Ammonia United States Ammonia leak cleared at beverage distribution plant


Hospitality Carbon Dioxide Australia Gas leak at Tasmanian brewery
25/04/2018 Laboratory F Gas United Kingdom UK gas detection requirements when using fluorinated greenhouse gas


  Nitrogen Canada One man killed, another injured in Hamilton industrial accident 


  Carbon dioxide United States Carbon dioxide leak prompts building evacuation


 Commercial Diving
Decompression sickness Australia Inpex Australia Ichthys LNG Project: claims divers suffering brain damage 


Chlorine  India 25 hospitalised after chlorine gas leak from waterworks in Panchkula 


Nitrogen  United States Nitrogen leak at commercial building, 30 people evacuated in north Charlotte 


Oxygen  India 2 die from suffocation as oxygen cylinder leaks at hospital


Carbon monoxide  United States Hurricane hunter pilots wear oxygen masks to land jet after 3rd malfunction


Carbon monoxide  Australia Deadly gases in diver's tank: court told


Carbon monoxide  Spain Nine British school children evacuated from hotel after suspected carbon monoxide leak 


Unknown gas  UK Residents evacuated after 'gas leak' causes nausea and vomiting


Ammonia   US 11 treated after ammonia leak at Brookshire's warehouse


Chlorine  US Chlorine leak contained at City Springs Water Plant


Chlorine   India Chlorine gas leak reported at Jal Sansthan


   US Spenard Road reopens near Northern Lights after natural gas leak 


Carbon monoxide  US Area police talk Ford Explorers after reports of carbon monxide leaks nationwide 


   China 1 killed, 31 injured in chemical plant gas leak in China 


Carbon dioxide   US Gas leak sends Spokane firefighters and retirement home employees to hospital 


Sulphur dioxide   UK Cambridge university staff evacuate building after 'pungent' chemical gas leak 


Carbon dioxide   US Highway 90 re-opens after carbon dioxide leak 


Hydrogen Sulfide  US Autopsy affirms toxic gas deaths 


 Hospitality Carbon Dioxide  US Fire department called to carbon dioxide leak at Duluth McDonald's 


 Hospitality Unconfirmed  UK Gas leak causes evacuation of fast food outlet 


 Hospitality Carbon Dioxide  US Fargo Burger King briefly closes after CO2 leak
 23/03/07 Hospitality Carbon dioxide  Croatia  Carbon dioxide released from brewery kills man


  Carbon Monoxide  UK
12 boys from Manchester Grammar School taken to hospital after falling ill during a scuba diving class
 01/04/16   Ammonia  Brazil  Nine workers made ill by ammonia leak
05/04/17   Carbon dioxide US Coffee plant owner sued over gas leak death
07/03/17   Carbon monoxide Thailand Two people die following faulty heater gas leak at hotel
02/01/17   Carbon monoxide US Malfunctioning pool heater at hotel kills teenager
19/03/17   Nitrogen (Oxygen) UK Local fire and rescue service investigate nitrogen leak
19/03/17   Carbon monoxide Canada Gas leak at hockey arena
13/03/17  Hospitality Carbon dioxide UK Pub evacuated after gas cylinder leak
05/02/17   Liquid nitrogen US One dead after liquid nitrogen leak
29/01/17   Carbon monoxide US Carbon monoxide fatality in ice house
16/01/17   Hydrogen sulphide US Three men die underground due to hydrogen sulphide leak
16/01/17   Carbon monoxide UK 'Carbon monoxide' alert at logistics firm
16/01/17   Liquid nitrogen New Zealand Trains stopped after liquid nitrogen leaks from container
10/01/17 Hospitality Carbon dioxide Germany Building evacuated after carbon dioxide leak in dispense line
24/11/16   Hydrocarbons US Mobil to investigate Altona refinery leak
14/11/16 Hospitality Carbon dioxide US Carbon dioxide leak prompts restaurant evacuation
09/11/16 Hospitality Ammonia UK One man dies and 22 in hospital after gas leak at brewery
09/09/16   Nitrogen (Oxygen) US  OSHA penalises TimkenSteel for worker death
06/09/16 Hospitality Carbon dioxide UK  Firefighters called to fast food restaurant after carbon dioxide leak
03/08/16   Carbon dioxide US  One dead and two hospitalised after passing out in underground grain-storage facility
03/08/16 Hospitality Carbon dioxide UK Carbon dioxide cylinder leak at bar and restaurant
22/07/16 Hospitality Carbon dioxide  US  Gas leak at fast food restaurant prompts evacuation
30/06/16   Carbon dioxide  US  Four injured in gas leak at meat processing plant
 25/06/16 Hospitality Carbon dioxide  US  Five taken to hospital after carbon dioxide leak in fast food restaurant
 30/05/16   Carbon dioxide  UK  Staff evacuated for gas leak at Sainsbury's in Northwich
 17/05/16   Carbon dioxide  US  Courier nearly killed by dry ice fumes leaking from package
 14/05/16    Nitrogen (Oxygen)  US  Nitrogen leak at building spurs hazmat response
 01/04/16   Ammonia  US  Ammonia leak sends five people to hospital
 24/03/16   Ammonia  US  Body recovered from warehouse after ammonia leak
 01/04/16   Ammonia  Brazil  Nine workers made ill by ammonia leak
 07/12/15   Ammonia  Canada  Ammonia leak kills worker at nitrogen plant
 12/11/15   Carbon dioxide  US  OSHA fines coffee roaster after worker's death
 15/10/15 Hospitality Carbon dioxide  UK  Carbon dioxide leak at Greene King Brewery
 07/10/15   Carbon dioxide  US  Carbon dioxide leak at General Mills plant
 October 2015   Oxygen  US  Two men die of oxygen deprivation whilst cleaning rail tanker
 26/09/15   Carbon dioxide  US  Tanker truck leaking carbon dioxide in Kentucky
 29/06/15 Hospitality Carbon dioxide  UK   Carbon dioxide leak in McDonald's
 29/04/15   Carbon monoxide  Denmark  Carbon monoxide released from pellets kills man on Corina
 26/03/15 Breathing air  Oxygen  US  Contaminated breathing air in Fire Department air tanks
 16/02/15   Carbon dioxide  UK   Carbon dioxide gas at Heysham 1 Power Station
 26/05/14   Carbon monoxide  UK  Carbon monoxide on board Suntis claims three lives
 19/12/13   Nitrogen (Oxygen) UK  Two men die after being sent into nitrogen-filled store
 February 2013   Carbon dioxide UK  UK business fined for breach of health and safety following death of a worker
15/08/12   Hydrocarbons  Singapore  Worker servicing an air-con compressor killed by flammable gases
27/10/11 Laboratories Nitrogen (Oxygen) UK Research scientist found dead after using liquid nitrogen to freeze blood.
07/09/2011 Hospitality Carbon dioxide  US  80-year-old woman dies in McDonald's carbon dioxide leak
07/09/2011 Hospitality Carbon dioxide  US  80-year-old woman dies in McDonald's carbon dioxide leak
March 2010 Hospitality Carbon dioxide Australia Geelong company fined after pub death
May 2008    Argon (Oxygen)  US  Argon gas leak kills three men on a cargo ship
 23/03/07 Hospitality Carbon dioxide  Croatia  Carbon dioxide released from brewery kills man
 08/01/05 Hospitality Carbon dioxide  US  Fatal carbon dioxide leak in Florida fast food restaurant


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