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Gas Detection for Hospitality

Gas Detection for Hospitality

Fixed & Portable Gas Detectors for Laboratories

A wide variety of gases are used in labs such as carbon dioxide, argon, helium, nitrogen and oxygen. These gases pose a serious risk should they leak, this risk can occur from fixed piped gas systems or individual cylinders of gases. Analox offer a range of fixed & portable gas detectors covering a range of laboratory processes which are perfecting for detecting gas leaks.  From portable oxygen monitors, such as our Aspida, to fixed monitors such as the O2NE+, our range can help keep you safe from inert gas leaks. Download our brochures below to learn more.

Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen 

Analox set the standard for carbon dioxide safety in the beverage industry with the launch of a fixed CO2 detection system in the mid-1990s, the A50 fixed carbon dioxide gas detector. This was soon followed with the introduction of a portable CO2 monitor, the Aspida, designed for use by beverage-gas delivery drivers. The A50 and Aspida have since become established as market leaders.

In early 2015 our existing range was complemented by the Ax60, a CO2 detector and alarm which was approved by the McDonald’s Corporation’s “Restaurant Solutions Group” and is now being installed in McDonald’s restaurants worldwide; we are trusted by global brands.. We now offer the upgraded Ax60+ version, which has added functionality and multi-gas capability.

So whether you are looking for a nitrogen monitoring in your brewery, or a carbon dioxide detector for your hospitality business, we have the solution for you. 

More than 100,000 of our gas monitors are used globally in the beverage and hospitality industries.

Contact us to see how our range of gas detectors and sensors have changed gas detection in hotels, restaurants, breweries, pub cellars and leisure facilities.

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