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Safely Detect both Carbon Dioxide & Nitrogen in Hospitality

Safely Detect both Carbon Dioxide & Nitrogen in Hospitality

Several gases are used in the beverage and hospitality industry, mainly carbon dioxide (CO) and nitrogen (N). These gases pose a serious risk should they leak, this risk can occur from fixed piped gas systems or individual cylinders of gases often stored in a confined space like a cellar or walk-in cooler.

Analox offer a range of fixed and portable gas analyzers for detecting leaks which are suitable for various processes which use gas including beverage carbonation and use of pressure to transport drinks from keg to draft towers and dispenser.

From portable, clip on oxygen monitors, such as our Aspida, to fixed monitors including our Ax60+ and O2NE+, our full range can help keep you safe from gas leaks.



The Ax60+ provides extended functionality with user customizable alarm set points, TWA alarm and multi-gas monitoring capability, ensuring compliance with all safety codes and legislation wherever you are based in the world. Our system will help you to meet required regulations and standards such as EH40, OSHA,NBIC, NFPA or IFC.

Our Ax60+, a CO detector and alarm, was approved by the McDonald’s Corporation’s “Restaurant Solutions Group” and is now being installed in McDonald’s restaurants worldwide; we are trusted by global brands.

If you are looking for carbon dioxide monitoring in your brewery, winery, cellar or bar, or a carbon dioxide detector for your fast food restaurant, stadium or theatre we have the solution for you.

More than 100,000 of our gas monitors are used globally in the beverage and hospitality industries.

Contact us to see how our range of gas detectors and sensors have changed gas detection in hotels, restaurants, breweries, pub cellars bars and leisure facilities.


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