The MIR dual-channel Infrared carbon dioxide sensor uses our latest micro-controller technology with the benefits of very low power consumption.

The MIR is fast becoming our most popular carbon dioxide sensor.

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This digital carbon dioxide sensor offers RS485 or TTL communications, all in a small and compact case.


More and more customers are requiring their carbon dioxide sensor to be smaller, more accurate and with a wide choice of ranges. Digital comms rather than analogue outputs are also growing in popularity and the MIR carbon dioxide sensor can offer all of this offering exceptional value and performance.


The most popular use for our MIR carbon dioxide sensor to date is integration into COincubators or for custom equipment used in other laboratory applications.  Analox also use the sensor in some of our own off-the-shelf products such as our CO Aspida.

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  • full marketing support
  • knowledge that you are selling high-quality, reliable products which look after the air you breathe

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