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The O2NE+ is a simple to use and maintain ambient oxygen (O2) depletion sensor which can be used to monitor heliox leaks.

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The O2NE+ heliox leak monitor comprises of a wall mounted main sensor unit and a repeater. It is ranged from 0 to 25% and has 2 low audio/visual alarms. The sensor has a very long life and calibration is only required every 12 months and can be achieved using certified air.


Classification and industry guidelines stipulate the use of ambient oxygen alarms on a dive system as a leak of heliox (a helium and oxygen breathing air mix) in a confined space at the surface could prove very dangerous.


The O2NE+ heliox leak monitor is usually situated in the dive and sat control rooms where there is a concern of a build up of heliox in a confined space. The unit is also sometimes used in the gas storage area where there is potential for a leak of helium or nitrogen. The repeater is located at the entrance.

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