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The SDA CO+ is a carbon monoxide (CO) detector designed for the commercial diving sector in mind.

Contact us today and discover how the SDA CO+ provides compliance with standards as well as pinpoint accuracy.

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The SDA CO+ monitor provides a full-colour display of the CO reading taken from an advanced electrochemical cell.


The alarm set points and calibration can be achieved using the front panel user interface and the SDA CO+ provides audio/visual alarms, optional data-logging and 4-20mA/relay outputs. The monitor interfaces with an advanced electrochemical CO cell.


The SDA CO+ has been designed to offer pinpoint accuracy. The sensor accuracy ensures the unit will be compliant to NORSOK 4-100, EH74/2 and BS8478 standards.


Diving system classification societies and industry bodies such as IMCA require/suggest that CO levels are maintained at very low levels in a dive system as CO is highly toxic.


CO can enter the diving system through an air compressor or a gas transfer compressor. It could also be present in the delivered gas and is metabolised by the divers so is produced in the chamber during operations.


The SDA CO+ can be located in sat/dive control or at the compressor. Both the SDA CO+ and the optional flow panel can be provided as either rack or panel mount.