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The SDA Depth provides a full-colour display of depth and pressure to help ensure the safety of your divers.

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The SDA is a range of panel/rack mountable atmosphere monitors originally designed with the commercial diving in mind. The SDA Depth monitor provides a full-colour display of the depth/pressure reading.


The alarm set points and calibration can be achieved using the front panel user interface and the SDA Depth provides audio/visual alarms, optional data-logging and 4-20mA/relay outputs. The monitor interfaces with a pressure sensor provided by Analox or can be set up to interface with a third party sensor which provides a 4-20mA output.


The SDA Depth replaces the obsolete Analox 6000.


The accuracies supplied by the SDA Depth are compliant with DNV, IMCA, Lloyds, ABS, and ADCi requirements/guidelines.


Monitoring the depth of diving chambers is vital to the whole operation. Depth readings are also used with the gas readings to calculate the partial pressures to ensure the safety of the divers.


The SDA Depth is normally located in sat/dive control and can be supplied in rack or panel mount configurations. The pressure sensor is mounted in the hyperbaric environment.

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