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The SDA Temperature and Humidity can help monitor comfortable and safe levels of temperature and humidity in diving chambers and dive systems.

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The SDA Temperature and Humidity monitor provides a full-colour display of both temperature and humidity.


The alarm set points can be adjusted using the front panel user interface and the SDA Temperature and Humidity provides audio/visual alarms, optional data-logging and 4-20mA/relay outputs (for 1 reading). The monitor interfaces with a state of the art dual temperature and humidity probe.


The SDA Temperature and Humidity replaces the now obsolete Analox 4000 (Temperature) and Analox 7000 (Humidity).


Maintaining a comfortable temperature in a diving chamber or dive system is vital for the comfort and well-being of the divers and is required by classification bodies and industry guidelines. Relatively small changes in temperature can prove to be dangerous due to the thermal conductivity of helium.


Humidity levels also need to be maintained for the comfort and well-being of the divers. If the humidity level is too high this can encourage microbial growth which can cause health issues in the chamber.


The SDA Temperature and Humidity monitor can be located in sat/dive control or at the compressor. The probe is located either in the chamber or in the gas pipework:


Chamber Version

The probe is mounted inside the chamber is ideal for monitoring levels in a hyperbaric chamber, lifeboat or diving bell to help ensure a comfortable and safe living and working environment is maintained in line with industry guidelines.


Inline Version

The probe is mounted inside the gas pipework, ideal for monitoring the breathing gas supply temperature and humidity in line with classification requirements such as the ABS rules for building and classing underwater vehicles, systems and hyperbaric facilities.

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