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TEC CO datasheet


Analox Sensor Technology is pleased to announce a brand-new range of electrochemical sensors for detecting toxic gases at the sub-ppm level. The first variant scheduled for release is the TEC CO toxic gas cell - a device for monitoring very low levels of carbon monoxide.

The TEC CO toxic gas cell was developed with signal stability in mind. It uses a sophisticated 4-pin electrochemical sensor which provides greater sensitivity than a 3-pin type, and its ‘plug-in’ mounting ensures that the cell pins have very short tracks to the circuit board for improved noise immunity. This connection arrangement not only maximises sensor performance but also simplifies routine maintenance such as cell replacement.

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Key features

  • Highly accurate 4-pin sensor
  • >3-year expected cell life
  • Temperature compensation
  • Sub-ppm gas management
  • Optional pressure sensor
  • Easy cell replacement
  • High stablility, low drift
  • Backward compatible with the existing MEC range